Hayden Garris

In May 2016, Coach Joe persuaded me to come to Veteran’s Park and play in the sand. I showed up to 4 players I didn’t know but we had the best time! So then, we started playing at tournaments. We had no idea what we were doing, but Joe and Coach Paul kept showing us how to play and win. In June 2018, I tore my ACL indoors. Coach Jodie became my biggest cheerleader. She had me score beach matches, help at practice and stay with the team. By May of 2019, Coach Sara and Joe had worked hard with me during my return to play. Later that year I made the Gold Bracket at USAV Beachfest and picked up an offer from my dream school for the fall of 2020! I decided to take a gap year to work on my game and my fitness, so Coaches Joe and Jodie had me help coach the juniors. In 2021-2022, I made my debut for the Hendrix College Warriors. I won my very first match!!!