About Us

Birmingham Beach wants to offer our athletes new and exciting opportunities to further their volleyball skills in an entirely new environment which includes top coaching and exciting trips to the beach to play against some of the East Coast’s best!

We will offer coaching at tournaments in surrounding areas as well as host a variety of formats for juniors throughout the spring and summer which could include an Adult/Junior, King/Queen of the Beach, Doubles, and even qualifiers right here at home in Birmingham! For the Adult/Junior tournament, we try to help partner you with an adult who coaches, played in high school/college, or has been playing for many years to give the junior an opportunity to play with someone more experienced, and apply what they have learned in practice at a much faster pace. The King/Queen of the Beach format allows players to come without a partner in which they play with and against a variety of players to develop potential partnerships for the future! Contact us for more details!

Birmingham Beach was originally founded by Joe and Jodie Alaimo with a mindset to provide a location to continue to play the game of volleyball in a different realm to develop skills, speed and agility. Starting with 10 athletes and just a few coaches in Spring of 2017 to closer to 150 athletes and more than ten highly qualified coaches in recent seasons. Joe and Jodie are blessed to have a diverse group of coaches with significant experience playing both the indoor and beach game as well as working with young student-athletes to help them reach a higher level of the game of volleyball.