We are blessed that we have been able to work with some extremely talented and hard working athletes. These are just SOME of the girls that have been through our program and played beach at the next level and their words on what Birmingham Beach has meant for them!

  • Stella Yester

    Stella Yester

    Eastern Kentucky University

    Birmingham Beach has been the most supporting and encouraging community in my life over the past 7 years. Not only have I grown as an athlete, but I’ve grown as an individual. The coaches at Birmingham Beach always have my best interest in mind and they have helped shape me into the person I am today. Birmingham Beach is my home, and I’m thankful I have this community in my life.

  • Brook Hoven

    University of Louisiana Monroe

    Birmingham beach helped me tremendously in reaching my goal of playing collegiate beach volleyball. The coaches and staff provide high level training accompanied with a family like atmosphere. Joe, Jodie, and Sara have continued to be there for me throughout my college journey and I’m so thankful to be a part of this club!

  • Emma Johnson

    Emma Johnson

    Louisiana State University (LSU)

    Deciding to play for Birmingham Beach was a blessing in disguise for me. Playing indoor volleyball all of my life, it never crossed my mind to play beach. It all started one day coach Joe saw me playing indoor and asked me to come tryout beach. I didn’t think I would have an opportunity to play in college since I started playing at the end of my junior year in high school. I am extremely grateful for Birmingham Beach as a program, but also Joe and Jodie for pushing and encouraging me through the whole process.

  • Mackenzie Martin

    Mackenzie Martin

    North Alabama

    As one of the fastest growing sports, Birmingham Beach provided me with the skills I needed to move forward in my volleyball career. At first, I was pursuing indoor and did beach volleyball for fun. Little did I know that this sport would help me grow so much as an athlete, woman, and friend, and that I would fall in love with beach, and never turn back.

  • Alaina Tinsley

    Florida Atlantic University

    I owe many of my successes  to Birmingham Beach. They gave me a place to train and practice with even better people to do it with. The culture of Birmingham Beach is so fun and encouraging and definitely helped me shape into the player that I am today.


  • Angelina Arvizu OKWU

    Oklahoma Wesleyan University

    If it wasn’t for Joe, Jodie, and Sara I would have given up on volleyball but because of the amazing program and coaching I am now playing indoor and beach volleyball in college. They were always positive and encouraging. They helped me regain my confidence and improve in my abilities. I actually didn’t even play indoor my junior and senior year and still was able to play both in college! I am so grateful for them!

  • Hayden Garris

    Hendirx College

    In May 2016, Coach Joe persuaded me to come to Veteran’s Park and play in the sand. I showed up to 4 players I didn’t know but we had the best time! So then, we started playing at tournaments. We had no idea what we were doing, but Joe and Coach Paul kept showing us how to play and win. In June 2018, I tore my ACL indoors. Coach Jodie became my biggest cheerleader. She had me score beach matches, help at practice and stay with the team. By May of 2019, Coach Sara and Joe had worked hard with me during my return to play. Later that year I made the Gold Bracket at USAV Beachfest and picked up an offer from my dream school for the fall of 2020! I decided to take a gap year to work on my game and my fitness, so Coaches Joe and Jodie had me help coach the juniors. In 2021-2022, I made my debut for the Hendrix College Warriors. I won my very first match!!!

  • Mia Johnson

    Tusculum University

    Birmingham beach volleyball has been a blessing in disguise. If it wasn’t for Joe persuading me to come give beach volleyball a try, I would not be where I am today. Bham beach has always felt like a second family to me, and has given me the skills to be able to play beach volleyball at the collegiate level. I thank Birmingham beach for the support they have given me throughout the years.